Energy Efficiency

The new Italian Legislation dictates that every property should be evaluated energy speaking and this energy efficiency certification must be showed in case of buying and selling.

Considering that the property value is higher if the building is provided with an elevator, but at the same the elevator bears on the energy value of the building itself, more and more buildings take advantage from the installation of an high efficiency elevator.


SEM energy recovery system is the right key
to today’s needs of buildings’ streamlining.

Installing SEM allows to:

• Increase the efficiency value of the elevator
• Let the property energy efficient class grows
• Increase the property value

The construction companies should meditate upon these advantages, because, especially during a period of properties’ selling recession, they become a key element useful to choose to buy a certain property instead of another one.

To this day, there are no other similar systems on the market. Certainly there are some inverter type controllers or systems operating with buffer batteries, to guarantee the autonomous functionality without service, but none of these can recovery energy in the way it is possible with SEM.